Inverter solution

DTECH offers the latest technology in modular power systems to support small to mid-sized critical AC loads in a variety of standard and custom configurations.

The objective of a stand-alone inverter is to support a variety of consumers/loads. These range from various types of industrial machines, domestic appliances to sensitive electronic devices in communications etc. Its High efficiency and reliability with Wall mounting option, light weight product &easy to carry keeps us a step ahead of our competitors.




Basically, as the sun shines down, the semiconductor material absorbs the light, transferring the light’s energy to the PV cell. This energy knocks electrons loose, and they move from one layer to the other, thereby producing an electric current. This is a direct current (DC). The energy created is then generally either stored in a battery bank for later use or sent directly to an inverter, depending on the set up and type of system.




Inverters are the electronic equipment which changes over the Direct Current from solar panels and inverter batteries into Alternating Current. They provide a cost-effective power solution for people who require using several devices easily as they reduce the requirement of buying the DC balanced of basic home appliances and electrical devices. Inverters are lighter and smaller than power generators, and very easier to use and lesser expensive for maintaining as well.




  • Faster response to variable heating and cooling loads.
  • Lower noise levels, both inside and outside the building.
  • Reduced risk of electromagnetic interference with other equipment.

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