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Street lighting in most of the towns and cities in India are poor maintained and energy inefficient. There is tremendous potential for the improvement in maintenance practices and for the energy conservation with improved O & M practices and with energy efficient retrofits.

Bright Up LED Lighting gives you a well designed street lighting or public lighting or outdoor lighting should permit users of road at night to move about with the greatest possible safety and comfort so that the traffic capacity of the road at night is as much equal as possible that planned for the daytime.




It Works on 220V AC Power supply. This is convenient System for connecting multiple Street light in power source. Which give easy maintenance. It consumes very less power to give the same light output as conventional AC Street Light system.




Most solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source. Solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of day




  • Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized.
  • High efficient LEDs are used with 100lum/Watt Long life
  • This is a non polluting source of electricity

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